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Omegle Style Random chat: Lollichat

Omegle Style Random chat: Lollichat
Meet People Online
Meet with strangers online at Lollichat as it's website and as you know it's a website which is a like chatroulette and enables users to get visual random chat on lollichat.

We also put lollichat features in our post see Lollichat Webcam features posts for more.

Note: Lollichat is no more active, there is advertisement on the website, it redirects  users to different chat area, so it's not a chat site like in the past.

Free chat style
It supports free random chat system and you don't have to pay any money or make a login and creating account. Just enter and start random chat and see users from any country.

That can be Japan, China, Australia, Russia, USA, Turkey, England etc.

Try it from website :)