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How To Unban On Chatroulette?

How To Unban On Chatroulette 2013
Chatroulette Unban Methods
Tht post is a guide to help users who try to get free video  chat on chatroulette by using Chatroulette features or premium accounts and premium search to see girls on chatroulette or more.

You can try alternatives to Chatroulette besides but Chatroulette is a free featured and one of the best of video chat over the world, so it'll help you to know how to unban.

Reasons To Be Banned On Chatroulette
These are a long list but generally when you put your clothes on (naked) or ask stranger s*x or 18+ any thing or disturb someone or using fake video (as a webcam) or if someone report you that can result in get banned on Chatroulette.

How To Unban?
Just reset your modem (click reset, wait 10 seconds, re-conect to the internet via new window and clear cookies and internet history then try to enter again.

At the same time you can use IPHider program to change your IP too.