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How To Use Fake Webcam On Chatroulette

chatroulette fake girls
Fake Girls on Chatroulette!
Sometimes you can see fake girls on webcam on Chatroulette and talk with them; they can take you into any video and you can see yourself on Youtube. That's an unwanted way of Chatroulette and some people are experienced at this way.
So what about you? You can also enjoy and use this method for people who apply it to you and another people

Download Splitcam!
To download Splitcam click Here and download it's trial version. You can get also premium or search pro. version on the internet in order to remove ads on th webcam.

After you set up it go to and set your camera than allow it and right click on the webcam  panel and select  Splitcam to work than refresh the page and re-allow webcam.
So you can now use it, it's just your opinion..

Use Youtube Video
You can use any videos on youtube for example webcam girl;  minimize the each browser and locate the youtube video are for Splitcam program to show on webcam, then you can laugh and enjoy :)

Video Tutorial