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Omegle Tips & Tricks

omegle tips
Have Fun On Omegle!
Omegle is not only a webcam chat area; you can see strangers and spend excited and funny time too.

However may be you just want to talk with girls from your area; or you don't want to be nexted.

May be you are banned on omegle :( But it may help you to know how to unban.

People From Your Area

Just enter and you can find people from your area (same country). That's a advanced feature used on Omegle.

How To Find Girls?
When you are in chat on Omegle you can see girls but important way is to talk with them...
See How to get girls post for more help.

How To Unban?
Unbanning on Omegle is like unbanning on Chatroulette. For any reasons or to be reported on Omegle.
Just read How To Unban post for more help.

Using Fake Webcam
You can use Manycam or Splitcam. It's easy to use them. You also must recognise fake people. Someone may use Youtube webcam girl videos and take you into any video. So it's useful to read that post: Fake webcam.