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How to Unban from Camzap

camzap unban
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      Camzap is another chat site which is strict about rules and terms. If you ever violate these rules, they will ban you immediately and you won ‘t able to join Camzap again. 

So what should you do for getting unban from administration. Is there any way to get rid of ban without asking. Yes there’s but you shouldn’t have a dedicated IP and you should clean cookie after you have banned

Otherwise you won’t able to understand if you are banned or not. Actually if you don’t clean cookie, the system will ban you with your new IP adress again, if you don’t clean cookies in
your browser.
Ways To Unban On Camzap
       I should recommend you to apply administration for removing ban. If they don’t answer your demans, just clean cookies, close browser and restart connection. Camzap doesn’t use Mac Adress Ban. 

You can also use proxy adress in your browser or you can use a proxy program. Then Camzap will allow you to chat in chat board again. You shouldn’t login with your old name in Camzap. Otherwise you and your new IP will get banned again.