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Tohla Chat

tohla chat
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       Tohla is a webcam chat service which looks like Omegle. It is quite easy to use Tohla.

When you enter to homepage of Tohla,  you will see two buttons in your screen. “Connect Now” and “Video Chat”

Tohla looks like old version of Omegle. You are speaking with strangers and you speak with random people. But there’s no feature for Facebook Interests in Tohla.

Webcam Chat On Tohla
     There is also Webcam Chat in Tohla too. If you prefer to join a Video Chat conversation, you should click on “Video Chat” button in home page. Tohla doesn’t require any registration or there’s no premium service. There are also smiley options in Tohla…

 Another feature in Tohla is Like and Unlike picture stuffs. There are users who has uploaded their pictures in Tohla’s database and you may like or unlike these pictures. Tohla offers you more different stuffs then Omegle. You should try it. There’s not many language options in site, you should know English to use Tohla…