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Bazoocam Unban

bazoocm unban
How to unban on Bazoocam?
         If you get banned from Bazoocam, it is going to be a IP ban so it’s easy to solve it but if you ever get a Mac address ban I don’t think that they will response your mails to Bazoocam.

If you ever get a IP ban, you should clear cookies and you should reset your Internert connection. Then you can still go on to chat with Bazoocam

Alternative Ways To Open Ban On Bazoocam!
     Another alternative thing for IP ban is using proxies in your browsers or you can still use proxy sites. You should find a proxy site which offers many features their users.

If your mac adress has banned. There’s nothing to do. Send a mail to administrator, if you have another computer you can use that one to connect Bazoocam.

 Please don’t forget to clear your cookies in every action for unban. Otherwise the things won’t work right.