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How to Use FakeWebcam on Omegle

You don’t have a camera and no one wants to chat with you on Omegle Video Chat? You want to scare or make laugh your partners on Omegle?

fake girl on omegl
This article will tell you to how to do that on Omegle! I hope our guidance will help you to achieve your goals on Omegle. Let’s start then.

Omegle video chat includes many girls. However these girls don’t prefer to chat with those who doesn’t have a camera. If you need a camera real quick and if you can’t get one, you can stil use fakewebcam program.

Fake webcam program is completely free and easy to use. To use fakewebcam program you will need a video from internet. If you have your own video, this will work too. You can find many fake videos on youtube.

You should download fakewebcam program and install it to your computer. Then add your video to fakewebcam program. After you are done with all these paths, you should connect to Omegle. Begin to chat there with Video chat and come on your video view with your Mouse. Change your default video as fakewebcam and begin to chat with your partners! All set!