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Windows Vista DNS Settings - Public DNS Numbers "Updated"

windows vista dnsChange DNS To Enter Blocked Sites!
Many users need to change their DNS settings for entering blocked sites. Especially it’s needed when sites blockes by courts.

We are going to tell you how to change Windows Vista DNS’s in this article and we are going to give you a few DNS examples at the end of article. I hope it’s going to be ueful for you.

How to Change DNS On Windows Vista?
how to change dns
If you want to Change your DNS in Vista system please click on Windows button in your keyboard. Then click on Control Panel. You are going to see a link as “view network status and tasks”, please click on that link. Select “Manage Network Connections” from Right Bar.

public dns serversYou are going to see icon of your network item. Click right on that and select properties. Please select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” in new window and click on properties.  Mark “Use following DNS server adresses” section and type DNS adresses.

DNS Adresses for Windows Vista:
  • Google DNS: –
  • Norton DNS: -
  • DNSadvantage: -
  • Open DNS: -