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Xat Chat

Xat Chat
Free Chat Box System
Xat chat site is a site for users to get a free chat box and free chat rooms. You can get a free chat room and call your friends and chat together there.

Just free; you can use xat smilies also; they are popular.
Also our blog firstly was a  Turkish blog for giving informations about selling xats; but now it's a place for users to see sites like xat and omegle and much more.

Register For Webcam Chat
xat registerIt's free to register on, after you register, you must verify your xat account by clicking to Xat link in your email inbox. After you confirm it, you must login on  with your username and password.

Now, you may play games with people, you may pc someone and webcam chat with them if they want. That's free, just you need is registration.

Get Free Group Chat
You may create your own chat group on Go to page to get a new chat page of yours. You may use this group in your website or blog with embed code taken from left bottom of the chat box. You may adjust it's height and width here too.